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The 6 Most Stylish Dress Shirt Colours for Women

Women’s dress shirts are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Yet, when they genuinely want to look sharp and stand out, most women play it safe and pick the white shirt. That is perfectly fine but playing a bit with patterns and lesser used colours will not only make you look vibrant but also step up your fashion game.

In this article we will discuss the 6 most stylish dress shirt colours for women and explain what makes each colour so strong.

White shirt denotes perfection

The white shirt is a timeless wardrobe staple and a simple way to ensure that your outfit looks good and feels fresh. It is by far the easiest of choices to make when stuck with too many options. This is because it matches any other colour, can be worn with just about anything, in any season, at any event.

The white colour denotes cleanliness, simplicity and perfection and is most effective as part of an ensemble. When you put on a white shirt, you feel as if you’re starting the day with a clean slate, and you appear to have a fresh and bright outlook. Others will view you as well-balanced and optimistic.

The Light Blue Shirt represents trustworthiness 

The light blue shirt is as versatile as white and complements most other colours. It’s slightly less formal than the white shirt but gives its wearer a classic look. When pairing this shirt with other clothes, you can go with navy, black, brown, any shade of grey, tan or olive (to name a few. Adding the light blue shirt to your ensemble is the easiest way to come across more professional.

You really can’t go wrong with wearing blue. Light blue is a colour that represents loyalty, peace, confidence, and success. It is a soothing colour that makes people around you feel comfortable. There’s a certain trustworthiness about it on a person that would make you hand over your life savings and thank them for the privilege.

The Black shirt is classy

A black shirt is a go-to for just about everyone, and for good reason. It’s neutral, so it goes with everything, and it will help you come off as powerful and authoritative. Black is renowned for being worn at classy events. However, too much black can be overpowering, so if you opt for a black shirt you should avoid pairing it with a black jacket, pants and shoes, too.

Black symbolizes extremes – all or nothing – and is a colour of strength, power, sophistication, elegance and authority. It looks good and professional and people who wear it tend to take a great deal of pride in their appearance. This colour is a great choice for people who are not afraid to follow their own paths and stick to their own decisions as well as follow through with their personal goals and plans.

Women's pink shirt

Dress shirt colours for women: the pink shirt flatters 

If you are wondering how to wear pink so you look sophisticated, the pink dress shirt is the way to go. Pink shirt is a fantastic alternative to the usual white or blue button-up and it is also highly flattering and versatile. On top of that, it is a seriously stylish hue that can flatter any skin tone with one of its many shades. Synonymous with elegance and refinement, the pink shirt is a must-have.

Pink is a friendly and inviting colour. When going into a social environment, wearing pink will soften your appearance and open the door of communication. It’s definitely a good colour to make a positive impression.

Navy Blue Shirt looks stunning 

A navy blue shirt is a powerful addition to your wardrobe. It has an air of mystery about it, just uncommon enough to look stunning against your peers yet classic enough for everyday wear. You can wear it at any time of the day and for various occasions, whether formal or casual and will always be elegant. Its enormous versatility makes it go well with dress pants, skirts, jeans, scarves and high heels.

Navy blue colour is one of trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn’t like to make a fuss or draw attention. It is more forgiving than black, less harsh and carries with it a subtle whiff of sophistication. The colour looks both classic and sharp at the same time.

Red Shirt gives flair to your outfits

Red shirt has a more casual appearance, but it is an excellent colour that can give some much-needed flair to your outfits. This shirt is bold, eye-catching, and definitely flattering on many people.

The colour red is one of the most exciting colours you can wear. It is a symbol of energy, strength, power, and passion that draws people to you. It automatically grabs someone’s attention and creates a visual impact. When you wear red, you aren’t afraid to stand out. Wearing red can also boost your confidence and give you that competitive edge.

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